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Meet the Band

Jerry Ford
I wanted to play trumpet the first time I heard one on our car radio when I was very young. I drove my dad and high school band director Tony Carosello nuts, insisting I had to play one. Tony finally acquiesced and started giving me lessons in the fourth grade. That started a lifetime love affair with music. I sang in Reverend Collie Shirrell’s vocal quartet on KFVS radio when in the 5th grade, played in Erskine Miller’s “Sacred Six” at the Church of the Nazarene in junior high, conducted the Maple Avenue Methodist Church Choir in high school, began playing in Bob Sisco’s Orchestra throughout the region as a sophomore, won the Shivelbine Award as the outstanding musician at Central High School in May of 1960, and started the music department jazz program at Southeast as a freshman student in the fall of 1960. Just as Bob Sisco bought Don McNeely’s orchestra in 1955, I perpetuated the legacy by purchasing Sisco’s orchestra in 1960, when he left to pursue his music career in California. I took the safe route and stayed home. However, my musical organizations have done some neat things entertaining audiences throughout the Midwest. We’ve raised several hundred thousand dollars for needy people, churches, and not-for-profit organizations over these more than fifty years. We’ve been part of the marriages of hundreds of couples. I’ve personally performed with the orchestras of Bob Crosby, Dick Jergens, Ted Weems, Alvino Rey, The Caesars Palace Orchestra, Jack Stalcup, Herb Suedekum, Jack Kinder, Pete Propst, Bill French, Bob Rosenquist, Earl Myhre, Southern Jazz, and many more. I am still in demand as trumpet soloist, conductor, clinician, high school jazz and concert band judge, first-call musician for regional and national touring concerts and shows, and have played in Cape’s Municipal Band since 1957.

Dr. Marc Fulgham
Dr. Marc Fulgham, instructor of trumpet at Southeast Missouri State University and principal trumpet for the Paducah Symphony for 21 years, provide the power, range, and wide sound required to ride herd over a great big band. Fulgham received his BME from Wichita State and his DMA from University of Colorado. He’s performed with the Tulsa Philharmonic, Wichita Symphony, Springfield (Missouri) Symphony, Boulder Philharmonic, Mahlerfest Orchestra (Boulder, Colorado), and the Denver Chamber Orchestra. As a core musician of the Carson Four Rivers Center in Paducah, Kentucky, he’s performed with Ray Charles, Frankie Vallee, Marie Osmond, Mannheim Steamroller, Amy Grant, and Cathy Rigby in the musical Peter Pan.



Narvol Randol
Narvol Randol, trumpet, stays busy giving of his time and talent for many community activities. He’s played for at least 20 Notre Dame musicals and 7 or 8 Cape Central musicals; Municipal Band since 1971; Bill Brandt Orchestra at the Purple Crackle 5 years; backed Bobby Vinton, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Ed Shaunessey, the Rat Pack, and others; continues to play “taps” at military funerals; Salvation Army Holiday Band with me, Dr. Dan Cotner, and others for over 30 years; and has been a member of the Jerry Ford Orchestra for over 25 years.




Dr. Dan Cotner
Dr. Dan Cotner (far left), trombone, has been a Cape Girardeau institution for over 85 years. He raised his family literally all over the world, providing free dental care for thousands of people in underdeveloped countries through the Rotary International program. All four of Dan and Polly’s children are dentists
or dental hygienists. His community and philanthropic activities are too numerous to list. However, several that pertain to music performance must be acknowledged: trombonist in our Cape Municipal Band for 70 years; organist for various local churches for 70 years; pianist for our Downtown Rotary Club for 68 years; member of the St. Louis Theater Organ Society for 60 years; pianist, violinist, trombonist for the Cape Notre Dame High School Musicals for 43 years; and trombonist with the
Jerry Ford Orchestra for 25 years.

Gene Stiman
Gene Stiman (above right) traveled with Benny Goodman for three years in the ’40s swing era; was band director in
Salem, Illinois, for many years; lead trombonist for the Fabulous Fox Orchestra in St. Louis for 10 years, performing with over 400 of the greats of popular music; low brass instructor at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, for a decade; and with the Jerry Ford Orchestra for the past 12 years.

Eric Scott
Eric Scott, trombone, performed in all the instrumental and vocal groups at Cape Central and Southeast Missouri State University. He’s toured Europe with vocal groups and for 14 years has led the gospel quartet, New Beginnings. He plays local clubs with pianist Brett Yount, is music director at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and performs with the Jerry Ford Orchestra.



Mike Neville
Mike Neville, tenor sax, started playing rock ’n’ roll in the early ’60s with Mert Mirly and the Rhythm Steppers, and Bob Kuban in St. Louis. As an FBI agent for 35 years, Mike traveled and played with groups in New Orleans, New York City, South Dakota, and in the ’80s with the Bury Brothers at Stonewings Night Club in Minneapolis. His real claim to fame, however, was as an usher (his wife Marilyn at the guest book) at Tiny Tim’s wedding! He’s been with the Jerry Ford Orchestra for 10 years.

Mike Goldsmith
Lead alto saxophonist Mike Goldsmith is director of Jazz and Woodwinds Instruction at Mineral Area College, Park Hills, Missouri. He was director of bands and chair of Fine Arts at Fredericktown R-1 schools and former director of jazz combos and jazz studies at Columbia Hickman High School. He received his B.A. in Music from Truman State and MEA from William Woods. He’s an active performer, clinician, and adjudicator throughout the Midwest. With his hard, West-coast sound, Goldsmith is the best lead alto saxophonist I’ve ever had on the stand.



John Quinn
John Quinn, alto/tenor sax/clarinet/flute and arranger, is the sound of the Jerry Ford Orchestra. Patrons tell us occasionally, “You’re the best band we’ve ever heard.” While it takes first class musicianship to interpret them, it’s Quinn’s arrangements that are primarily responsible. John began playing around St. Louis in 1952; graduated with a music degree from Mizzou in 1958; played in the Third Army Band at Fort McPherson, Georgia, from 1959-61; was band director at Shawnee High School in Wolf Lake, Illinois, for 29 years; arranger/performer with the Bill French Orchestra at the Purple Crackle Supper Club in East Cape, Illinois, from 1967-1978; and with the Jerry Ford Orchestra since 1968.


Paul Fliege
Paul Fliege, alto, tenor, baritone sax and clarinet, has been band director at Jackson since 2001, teaching woodwind players of all grades. He received his BME from CulverStockton and his MME from Southeast. Besides the Jerry Ford Orchestra, he performs with the Paducah Symphony, Heartland Winds, and Jackson Municipal Band. He and his wife Cecily have two daughters.





Beverly Reece
She began playing piano at age 2½, and singing music scores at age 3! She’s played violin since age 7, and at age 13 had 35 piano students. As a freshman in high school she was one of only 2 students in the U.S. who scored a perfect 100% on the Harvard pitch and rhythm test. She has perfect pitch and a photographic mind. As a sophomore in high school, she accompanied Gloria DeHaven and played oboe with the Southeast University Orchestra. At Southeast, she accompanied over 200 senior recitals, 10 theatre productions, 5 years as concert-mistress of the orchestra, and toured with professor Paul Thompson and a Russian violinist that culminated in a concert in Carnegie Hall. She began playing jazz professionally with Bill Ewing at age 19, and later performed with distinction with the Jack Stalcup Orchestra for 10 years. For over 30 years, Reece has been our area’s premier piano instructor and church
organist. Beverly is currently organist for Centenary United Methodist Church and Evangelical United Church of Christ here in Cape. She’s a member of the Cape Girardeau and Paducah, Kentucky, Symphony Orchestras, and winner of numerous local and regional “fiddle” contests. Beverly is proficient as a classical concert pianist, as well as a great jazz performer with the Jerry Ford Orchestra.

Jim Wall
Jim Wall, bass (Carbondale, Illinois), provides imaginative support in all styles, from swing to rock. The son of two professional musicians, Wall was exposed to music at an early age, with training on cello and French horn. His mother is a retired violinist in Chicago and his dad, a retired band director, was an orchestra tuba player. Wall became interested in the bass in high school and is regarded by many, me included, as the finest bass player in our two state region. A 20-plus year resident of Carbondale, Jim spent 20 years in sales, marketing, production, and promotion management in the commercial broadcast industry. Jim is currently a Senior Lecturer at Southern Illinois University, where he teaches in the Marketing and Management sequence in the Department of Radio and Television.

Steve Williams
Steve Williams, drummer (Cairo, Illinois), began banging on pots and pans at age 10. He played drums in high school and, during his junior year, played in the Columbia, Tennessee, Military Academy Jazz Band. Upon return to Cairo for his senior year, he played with the Rebel Rousers and the Penny Bagby Dance Band. Williams joined the army in 1961 and performed with top jazz players Buddy Prima (piano), Frannie Rice (sax), Steve Osgood (bass), Mae Sherman (vocals), and many more. Home from the service, he played in the bands of Bill Ewing, Joe Blackwell, Earl Myhre, Jack Stalcup, Herb Suedekum, Bill Brandt, Bill French, and Southern Jazz in Paducah, Kentucky. He’s been featured with pianists Dr. Richard Moore, Alan Oldfield, and Don Heitler; saxophonist Buddy Rodgers, Carbondale; and for the past 15 years with the Jerry Ford Orchestra.


Tina Trickey
Vocalist Tina Trickey brings a wide range of musical styles and experiences to our repertoire, from jazz to country to rock. A native of Cape, she participated in all Cape Central vocal groups and performed for most local churches, musicals, and shows. She moved to New York City where she became a print model for Revlon and transferred to Vancouver, Washington, as District Sales Manager for Revlon. There she performed with Chuck Berry, The Temptations, and concerts in renowned Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon. Upon return to Cape, she reestablished herself as a premier vocalist for area performances.



Vocalist - Special Appearances

Quitman McBride III
Quitman McBride III starred in many musicals at Cape Central and productions of Mike Dumey, and is currently a freshman on scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve featured him on several occasions with my full Jerry Ford Orchestra, and he receives standing ovations every time he sings with us. Look for great things from Quitman. Broadway is probably not too far off.